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Reunion 2020 update 29 March 2020
(Send changes and comments to forsythj223@hotmail.com

If you are a member and did not get this reunion information by email, we do not have your current email address, please send to forsythj223@hotmail.com, if you are a former member of the 548 RTG/RTS, 548 ISRG, 67 RTS, or 6 PG, please join by filling out the membership application above. 

Also, if you move, change phone numbers, or email let us know so we can update the database.

Reunion 2020

   We have rescheduled our reunion for November 5 - 7, 2020 in New Orleans.  If you are planning on attending or might attend, please send me an email at forsythj223@hotmail.com, include the number in your party attending  and if you are not booking a hotel room or going to the museum, or watching the movie at the museum.  The hotel rate for the reunion is $17 more a night than in March.  The schedule will be the same.   I have included a list at the end of this notice with the names I already have attending the reunion, let me know if I need to change it.   

We have a block of 20 rooms, due to 14 cancellation between the first of the year and right before the virus showed up we were down to 16 room reservations for the March reunion, our block then was 30 rooms.  If we go below 80% of the block (16 for November) the association must pay for those rooms for all three days, so I hope we fill all the rooms.  It is very possible we could go over the 20 room block, in which case you may have to pay the regular rate, if rooms are available, so make your room reservation early, you can cancel up to 72 hours before arrival with no charge.  For the next reunion we will try to get a hotel without this clause, this is the first time we have had it, I checked other hotels in the area, they have the same clause.



548th and 67th Reunion New Orleans

November 5-7, 2020

Embassy Suites Hotel, New Orleans Convention Center

315 Julia St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Tel: 1-504-1993

Registration Cost: $100/person, includes the World War II Museum with movie, banquet dinner and vans to the museum , if you are not going to museum or are paying for it on your own (No Movie), the cost is $75/person.  Please pay by October 10, 2020, if you cancel before March 10, 2020, we will refund the full amount, after that we will refund anything we are not charged for by the hotel.  You can either pay via:

    - Paypal to webmaster@548rtg.org
    - Check/money order mailed to 548th and 67th Recon Assoc, PO Box 75549, Kapolei, HI 96707, made out to same. 
- With your payment, please include a note with the names you want on your name tags

Hotel Reservations:  

The link for booking your room online is: https://embassysuites.hilton.com/en/es/groups/personalized/M/MSYCCES-67R-20201102/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POG

Be sure to update the dates on the form when you make your reservation, it comes up on the form as November 2-11 to cover early arrivals and those staying longer, so unless you plan on staying 8 days, change it. The room rate is $175 a night, plus $29.04 tax per night, my total was $612.11 for three nights. Also, be sure to sign up for the Hilton Honors, even if you never plan on staying with them again, if you are a member, the Wifi is free.

The link only lets you book a 2-room suite with a king bed, some may want two beds, I will check with the hotel on this. The reason we have Suites is the only other rooms are non-standard with two twin-bed and they need to keep the block standard, the extra luxury may be worth the $17 more we are paying.

Or call the hotel directly 1-504-525-1993

Hotel: Embassy Suites Hotel New Orleans Convention Center

Group Name: 548th/67th Reunion

Arrival Date: Nov 5, 2020
Departure Date: Nov 8, 2020  (you can add days on, but they will not be at the reunion rate)

Cutoff Date for Reservations: October 15, 2020, reservation must be made before this date.

(Note: Reunion room rate is $175 per night (Plus $29.04 taxes). Valet parking only at hotel at $42/day (plus tax).
* 1 night's deposit due at time of booking
* 2 nights minimum stay required
* 72 hours prior to arrival date no charge to cancel policy
* $90 early departure fee
* $10 per person round trip baggage fee for group arrivals of 10 people or more arriving at the hotel at the same time.
* $20 per person charge after 2 occupants in the room over the age of 18.
* Parking is Valet Only. Prevailing rate ($40/day) over contracted dates will apply.


Thursday 5 November:
  Arrive hotel, I arrive in the morning and should be in the lobby or that general area by 1300 to hand out name tags and other information.
           - 1730 to 1900, Evening hotel reception in the hotels Main Tower with complimentary beverages, cocktails, wine and beer.
          - 1900 Diner on your own or as a small groups.   Across the street from the hotel you have Galliano, which looks good or Mulates, two and a half blocks from the hotel.  Advise making reservations early at any place you are eating
          - 2100 to ?, Free time.

Friday 6 Nov:  Complimentary Breakfast Hotel
             - 0950 Vans to the National World War II Museum, if necessary I will standby at the hotel with a van until 1020 to pick up any stragglers.
                  -Entry fee:  We are being charged a group rate of $17/person, plus $7 for the movie Beyond All Boundaries 4D, which is included in your reunion  registration fee, normally the museum admission price is $24.50 for seniors and $18 for military (includes retired). If you are not seeing the movie, you will need to buy your own ticket, preferably in advance online
              - 1100 Lunch at the museum's The American Sector Restaurant and Bar, pay as you go, probably no group seating
             - 1600 Vans to the hotel, anyone wanting to return to the hotel earlier can call me on a cell phone number I will provide at check-in and I will give you a ride to the hotel, it is a long six block walk.
             - 1730-1930, Evening hotel reception

             - Dinner on your own
             - 1930-? Free time.

Saturday 7 November: 

            - Tour on your own tour with the New Orleans Hop On-Hop Off buses, which stop in front of the hotel every 30 minutes, cost is $39 for a 24-hour pass, also available are trolleys, buses, streetcars or your own car.  See suggested tours attached.

            - 1800 Banquet Room open, socializing, dress business casual or aloha wear
            - 1845-1900 Business meeting
            - 1900 Opening ceremony    

            - 1915-2000 Banquet buffet dinner

Entree Choices:  Roasted Beef au jus, Blackened Fish New Orleans seasoning, Chicken Picatta lemon caper sauce

Soup:  Corn & Crawfish Bisque
Salad: Arugula Salad creole tomato, cucumber, red onion, creole mustard vinaigrette

Accompaniment: Roasted Potatoes

Specialty: Shrimp Creole stewed tomato, gulf shrimp, white rice

Desert: Southern Pecan Pie graham crust and Carrot Cake cream cheese icing

            -2000-2100: Guest Speaker Ken Kelly and Larry O'Dell talk on the Civil Air Patrol.
            -2100-2200: Socialize
            -2200- ?: Farewell to Nola

Sunday 8 November:  Check-out of hotel

Members Attending    22
Individuals Attending 33
Might Attend              11
Not Attending              6
Paid                           10
No Room                    2
Members Attending
Ardizzoni, Robert
Benson, Larry
Boasso, Herb
Calvin, Connie
Carey, Michael
Cook, David  
DeNunzio, Maureen
Durnell, Pete
Forsyth, Bill
Germer, William
Goetz, Kristine
Gohn, Gary
Jackson, Tony
Kelly, Ken
Kolcun, Dan
Mizner, Mark
Odell, Lawrence
Sanchez, Teresa
Simpson, Norman W
Spencer, Jim
Stokes, Elton
Wiles, Fred
Might Attend
Beidler, Art
Dudley, Darrel
Johnson, Randy
Kores, Jon
Mahoney, Les
Mathewson, Eric
Maughen, Pete
North, Martha
Roberts, Buzz
Walters, Nancy
Weller, Joe
Wilson, James
Not Attending
Gross, Mike
Howard, Garnett
Janssen, Bill
Matthews, Gerald
Maughen, Pete
Mayer, Laurel

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