548th and 67th Reconnaissance Association

Reunion Information

548th and 67th Reconnaissance Association 
Reunion 2018 
 Hope Hotel and Conference Center, 
Dayton, Ohio 

                                                                July 12-14

4 July 18:  Updated Attendance Roster.  LAST CALL: 
This is the last call for the reunion, a list of those we have as attending is provided below.  Information on the reunion can be found on our website  https://548rtg.org/Reunion_Information.html   
YOU CAN STILL SIGN UP FOR THE REUNION!  Email me at forsythj223@hotmail.com if you are attending and are not on the list.  The cost of the reunion is $50/person, we have already passed the cutoff date of June 21st for hotel rooms at the reunion rate, the non-reunion cost is almost the same; I just called the hotel and they still have a few rooms available.  If you need to cancel, let us know ASAP, but at least by 9 July and we will refund your payment, also you can sign up to attend through the July 9th, but we would like to know ASAP, just email me.  At the bottom of the list are three members who I still have not received payment for, either pay by Paypal or at the reunion, but let me know if  you are not attending, if we don't hear from you or receive payment by July 9th, we will assume you are not attending.  The dress code for the banquet is the same as past reunions, aloha wear, business casual, suit and tie optional.

88 attending the reunion
as of:  4 July 18
Attending and Paid  
(47 Members, 84 Total)
Awaiting Payment
(3 Members, 5 Total)
Ahammer, Peter 1
Anderson, John 1
Beidler, Art 2
Belote, Dave 2
Benson, Larry 2
Biskup, Chris 3
Blanchard, Doc 2
Boasso, Herb 2
Brown, Cecil 4
Calvin, Connie 1
Cook, David 3
Cook, Denver 2
Deininger, Terry 1
DeNunzio, Maureen 1
Durnell, Pete 2
Fisher-Fosdick, Fumiko 2
Forsyth, Bill (Josh CNX) 1
Gaudreau, Andrew 1
Germer, William 1
Goetz, Kristine 1
Grant, Jim 1
Hagen, John 2
Harding, Charles 2
Hoover, Fred 2
Ingold, Ray Cancelled  
Irish, Steve 2
Kelly, Ken 2
Kenny, Kevin 2
Kiser, Michael 2
Lindquist, Harry 2
Mahoney, Les 2
Maughan, Pete 2
Mayer, Laurel 1
Mertes, Nicholas 1
Mitchell, Michael 2
Mizner, Mark 1
Odell, Lawrence 1
Pagel, Steve 2
Paine, Jim 2
Reimer-Van Huss, J. Scott 2
Samuel, Wolfgang 2
Schatzley, Lee 2
Skelley, C 1
Skinner, Bruce 1
Stahl, Jerry
Taylor, Gary
Waddell, Don 2
White, Frank 2
Wiles, Fred 2
Wilson, James 1
Have not Paid  
Bernat, John 2
Seehase. Jeff 2

21 June 18:  Dress for banquet Aloha or Business Casual, coat and tie optional.  Please try and sign up and pay by July 3rd.
18 June 18:  Final schedule and updated attendance roster

 21 May 18:  Update Attendance Roster 

 5 May 18:  Update Attendance Roster 

 12 April 18:  Updated Attendance Roster

24 Feb 18:  Latest changes below

  - Friday we are departing hotel for the Air Force Museum at 0730 vs 0800, a van will standby until 0800 for late comers, on call after that time.  (The 50 PERSONAL LIMIT:  on our SR-71 RAILS DOWN-TOUR will be lifted provided we begin at 8am start time using the NAISIC guide—she will make an effort to get additional volunteer help.)
   -  Clarification: Limited # of SCOOTERS and WHEEL CHAIRS available to our crew NOTE: scooters are restricted to inside building use only and will not be available for outside transit to memorial park.

   - The number we provided to make reservation at apparently does not work on weekends, call the regular reservation number (937) 879-2696 ext 6.

The reunion is Thursday July 12 to Saturday July 14, checking out on July 15th. The cost of the reunion is $50/person, preferred payment method is Paypal.com, pay to webmaster@548rtg.org, if paying by check or money order, make it payable to the 548th/67th Recon Assoc, PO Box 7549, Kapolei, HI 96707, if you are not attending the Friday banquet let me know by email at webmaster@548rtg.org and I will let you know the cost. 

If you are attending the reunion or even just thinking about attending, please fill out the 2018 Reunion Survey, at the tab below this page.  Return ASAP so our planners have an accurate count.

 If you need to cancel let us know by 1200, 9 July 18, and we will refund your registration fee ($50/person), be sure to also cancel any hotel and rental car reservation.

The association room rate at the Hope Hotel is $109/night, plus tax, this price includes breakfast, it is good 3 days before and after our reunion  You must call the hotel to get this rate, 937-879-3466 ext 6, ask for the 548th and 67th reunion rate, if the first number (Front Desk) does not work, call the regular reservation number (937) 879-2696, ext 6.   All rooms are non-smoking, with either a queen or two double beds, if our block of rooms has been filled, let us know and we will try to add on additional rooms, subject to availability.  Reservation at our room rate must be made by June 21, 2018.  FYI, if you don’t plan on eating breakfast, the rate for AAA members is $96.30 for a queen and $105.34 for a double room, plus tax, NO BREAKFAST, Seniors can get a Queen room for $101.65, but the double is more than our rate, at $111.15, the military rate is $107 for either room, again NO BREAKFAST, and plus tax.   Note:  On your confirmation email they say “If you are exempt from any of these taxes, please contact the hotel directly and present all required documentation at time of check in.”  I 

checked with the hotel since we are a tax exempt organization, but this does not apply to individual members, disregard it.  If you need to cancel this reservation, you must do so by 6 PM local hotel time on the day of arrival to avoid a cancellation penalty.  Address for Hope Hotel:  Chidlaw Rd. Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433


The reunion schedule is below, along with a list of those attending.

Note:  The banquet was originally planned for Saturday night at the Museum of the USAF, like we did in 2010, but the Museum cancelled their program of allowing banquets in the museum.  There was already a banquet scheduled for Saturday night at the Hope Hotel, so we had to go with Friday night, having it elsewhere would have been much more expensive.


548 RTG &67RTS Association Reunion 12-15 July 2018

12 July (Thursday)

Post 1500 Registration; Hope Hotel Hospitality Suite, hope to have the room open earlier. No host social/dinner

13 July (Friday)

Post 0600 Breakfast (free, if room booked with our block of rooms) Hope Hotel

0800 National Museum of the USAF (NMUSAF) - SR-71 “Rails Down” Special Guided Tour/ assemble in lobby for transport

0900-1030 NMUSAF - Guided “Intelligence Tour” featuring NRO exhibits

1045-1130 NMUSAF Auditorium - 548/67 Memorial Dedication Ceremony, with honor guard and posting of the colors.

1145-1215 NMUSAF Memorial Park – Bench Presentation; Photo Ops, the museum will have motorized carts and wheelchairs available in the lobby for those needing assistance. NOTE: motorized carts must remain inside

1230 Depart NMUSAF for Hope Hotel; no host lunch buffet

1400 Hope Hotel Suite – Business Meeting

1445 Hope Hotel Suite – 67 RTS to 548RTG; Story of Transition Presented by Ken Kelly

1530 Modern Reconnaissance – Advent of Commercial Imagery Presented by Jeff Seehase

1600 Getting to Know Our Guest – The story of “German Boy” Wolfgang W.E. Samuel, Col USAF (Ret)

1645 Break

1825 Banquet facility opens for socializing, Aloha or Business Casual.

1900-2200 Banquet featuring Col (Ret) Samuel with tales of Cold War Reconnaissance and Intelligence

14 July (Saturday)

Post 0600 Breakfast (free, if room booked with our block of rooms)

0845 Assemble at Hope for transportation to Carillon Historical Park

0930-1230 Guided Tours Carillon Park (2 Groups)

1230-1400 No Host lunch at Carillon Brewing Company on site (www.carillonbrewingco.org)

1400-1430 Depart Carillon Park for Hope Hotel

1400 Free Time; Options include:

     Golf – nine holes W-P Golf Club; clubs and carts available

     Aviation Trail tours

     Additional time at NMUSAF


1700-??? No host dinner and socializing; Hospitality Suite open

15 July (Sunday)

Post 0600 Breakfast (free, if room booked with our block of rooms) Hope Hotel Departures as scheduled

A bio of our guest speaker Col (ret) Wolfgang Samuel can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolfgang_W.E._Samuel

Col (ret) Larry Benson had this to say about him:   A little more background. Wolf, coincidentally, is working on a new book covering Cold War PARPRO missions which was the peripheral recon program that got a lot of guys "quietly killed." He flew those missions for some years. Having heard his heartrending story of running from the Russians at the end of the war and of being a beneficiary of the Berlin Airlift, I want to include him for about 45 minutes in our afternoon program on Friday. I think it would be an excellent lead-in to his banquet appearance, i.e. our folks would feel like they know him personally. confirmed attending the reunion.

Additional Information:
Menu for the hotel restaurant/bar, Packy's:

(Served with hand cut fries. Add house-made seasonings: Ranch, Garlic Parmesan, or Cajun for no additional charge)
Classic Club
Ham, Turkey, Bacon, Swiss and American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Mayonnaise;
Served on Your Choice of Toasted Bread $8.50
Fried Cod
​Topped w/American Cheese, Lettuce & Tomato on Toasted Ciabatta $8
Teriyaki Pulled Pork
​On a Toasted Sesame Seed Bun with Grilled Pineapple & Scallion Slaw $9
French Dip
​Shaved Strip Loin, Caramelized Onions & Swiss on a Toasted Hoagie Roll. Served with Au Jus $11
Packys Burger
​Char-Grilled Half Pound of Fresh Ground Beef; Served with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Pickle
With your Choice of Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper —Jack or American Cheese $9
Ruben of Another Color
​Corned Beef or Turkey, Swiss Cheese, Purple Kraut & Pink 1000 Island on Grilled Marbled Rye $9
Buffalo Chicken Wrap
​Crisp Chicken Tenders w/ Mild Buffalo Sauce, Ranch Dressing, Diced Tomatoes, Shredded Lettuce
& Sweet Celery Salad $11
Portabella French Dip
​Portabella Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions & Swiss on a toasted Hoagie Roll. Mushroom Broth for Dipping $10
Kentucky "Hot Brown
"Open-Faced Turkey, Bacon & Tomato Smothered in Cheddar Cheese Sauce $9
Lunch Buffet 
Lunch buffet   Tuesday -  Wednesday - Thursday,
​When Available, Includes Salad Bar, Drink & Dessert $10.95

Add a Side Salad for $1.50

NY strip Steak

​Studded with Cracked Black Pepper & Pan
Seared to Your Liking. Finished with Brandy Cream, Grilled Red Skin Potatoes and Seasonal
Vegetables $21
Barbecued Ribs
​Mouthwatering, Fall-Off-The-Bone Pork Ribs; Served with a Bacon-Wrapped Baked Potato and
Corn on the Cob     Half Slab- $16  Full Slab- $22
Beer-Brined Chicken
​1/2 Chicken Soaked in Yuengling Lager; Finished on the Grill. Served with Carbonara Rice Pilaf and Seasonal Vegetables $18
Fish & Chips
​Hand Breaded, Fries, Cole Slaw & Tartar Sauce $14
Rigatoni with Tomato-Olive Ragout
​Finished with Parmesan Cheese and Dill $15 Add Chicken $18

Parties often or more guests may be subject to an automatic 18% gratuity.
House Made Pizza Takes a Few Extra Minutes, But is Well Worth the Waitø 12" 2 Toppings- $10
Available Toppings: Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Beef, Ham, Bacon, Chicken, Onion, Olives, Peppers, Banana peppers, Diced Tomato, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Extra Cheese. Additional Toppings $1.50 ea


MILK $1.50, COFFEE $2.00, JUICE $2.50 

Jumbo Chicken WingsHot, Mild, BBQ, Honey Garlic, or Teriyaki
Served with Celery Sticks, Bleu Cheese or Ranch All Flappers or Drums-Add $I—No Split Sauces
6-$7.50 12-$11.50
Southern Style Chicken Tenders
​All White Meat in a Spicy Breading Served with Your Choice of Honey Mustard, Ranch or BBQ Sauce. May Also Be Tossed in One ofthe Above
Wing Sauces $8
Nachos Supreme
Crispy Corn Tortillas Chips, Topped with Melted Cheese, Sauce, Seasoned Ground Beef, Fresh Diced Tomatoes, Green Onions and Jalapenos; Served with Guacamole, Sour Cream & Fresh Salsa
$9.50 Meatless- $7.50 Add Grilled Chicken- $11.50
Chili "Sundae"
Our House-Made Chili Layered in a Sundae Glass with Shredded Cheddar and Sour cream. Served with Crispy Tortilla Chips for Dipping. $8
Pan Fried Feta
Flamed with Ouzo and Served over Spinach Pesto $8
Mac & Jack Wedges
​Creamy Macaroni & Pepper Jack Cheese Wedges; Deep Fried and Sewed with Salsa Ranch $9
Kona Kalua Quesadilla
​Tender Pulled Pork, White Bean Puree, Aged Cheddar & Pineapple Salsa $10
Hand Cut French Fries
Add One of Our House-Made Seasonings: Ranch, Garlic Parmesan, or Cajun.  Side- $3.50   Basket- $5
Soup of the Day
(Ask Your Server for Today's Selection)
cup $2.50 Bowl $3.25
Cream of Roasted Garlic
​A House Specialty Bowl $4
Packy's Chili
​Perfectly Seasoned with Ground beef & Beans Bowl $3.25, Add Cheese and Onions for $.50
​All Enfrée Salads Served with a Warm Roll Dressing Selections:  French, Ranch, Italian, Balsamic, Blue Cheese, 1000 island, Raspberry vinaigrette, Oil & Vinegar
Catalina Chicken & Spinach
​Baby Spinach, Crisp Bacon, Red Onion, Fresh Mushrooms & Boiled Egg tossed in Catalina Dressing and topped with Grilled Chicken. $13
The Taco Loco
​Seasoned Ground Beef, Roasted Corn, Tender Black Beans, Cheddar Cheese, Green Onions & Grape Tomatoes tossed with Crisp Iceberg & Cilantro Vinaigrette.  $15
The Not So Traditional Caesar
Crisp Romaine, Grilled Ciabatta Croutons & Toasted Parmesan Dust  $10 Add Grmed Chicken $13
Garden Side Salad
Mixed Greens, Carrots, Cucumbers, Grape Tomatoes, Cheese $3

Packy’s Weekdays Specials

Monday Night Slider Flights
 All American Burger / Spicy Chicken / and Crispy Fish- all three  for $9.00
 Taco  Tuesday
 Crunch or Soft- your choice of beef, chicken, or fish for just $1.50 each
 Wednesday Wings
 Jumbo Wings with your choice of sauce only $0.50.   Minimum of 3 wings
 Thursday Build your own Burger
 This is our 1.2 lb. Juicy Burger with a large selection of toppings for only $8.00
 Friday Pie Day
 Taco Pizza only $8.00
 Specials are available for Dine In only

 Text "PACKYS" to 95577 to join our VIP Club & be the first to
 receive specials & discounts!

Building #823, Area A, Gate 12A, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Ohio 45433p (937) 879-2696

The Friday Buffet at the banquet in the hotel:

Vegetarian plates will also be available, you can order one on the reunion survey

Hope Hotel and Conference Center Location:
Geographic Coordinate of Hotel for GPS:   39 47 58.2N 84 02 35.1W

Carillon Historical Park

 Geographic Coordinate of Carillon Historical Park:  39 43 47.9N 84 11 55.7W



                                                      Reunion Update 24 July 17

The Reunion will be held in Dayton, Ohio, at the Hope Hotel and & Richard C. Holbrooke Conference Center, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the dates are now firm, July 12 - 14, 2018.  Unfortuantely, the Museum of the USAF is no longer offering dinning under the wings, so the banquet will probably be at the Hotel, this is a recent change and many groups that were planning events at the Museum are upset by it, perhaps they may have a change of heart in the next year.  

The tentative schedule for the reunion is:

12 July 2018- 1900 Check-in, optional venue selection and social at Hope Hotel hospitality suite

13 July - 0900 Welcome and schedule discussion/review
0915 Business Meeting; Hope Hotel Meeting Room
1015 The 67 RTS to 548th RTS/RTG Transition Story
1045 Optional time (Advent of Commercial Imagery or NASIC's "In-Depth Analysis Role in AFISR" as potential topics)
1115 Lunch (best options appear to be Packy's at Hope or to go ahead and depart for AF Museum and have lunch at its cafeteria)
1230 Depart for AF Museum if having lunch at Packy's
1300 Memorial Dedication Program at AF Museum Auditorium; Memorial Visitation outside Museum
1400 Guided Tour of AF Museum; Reconnaissance and Intelligence Focus/Theme; Mr. Rob Young, NASIC Historian and Certified Docent
1645 IMAX Theater Attraction or return to Hope Hotel
1830 Depart Hope Hotel or other locations for Beavercreek Rotary Park
1900 Sitdown Picnic Dinner Courtesy of Tik's Thai Express; range of options served fresh from food truck (no cost)
2100 Depart for Hotel or other Venues

14 July - 0900 Depart Hope Hotel for Springfield Air National Guard Base, Springfield, OH
0930 Arrive Springfield and Process In
0945 Tour OHANG 125 Intelligence Sq; hosted by Lt Col Kristine Goetz/CC (548th alumnus)
Review ANG ongoing support to AD AFISR operations and National Agencies
Examine the latest in imagery intelligence processing and production equipment and methodology
1130 Depart Springfield
1215 Dayton Carillon Historical Park (Lunch at Carillon Brewing Co.)
W-P AFB Golf Course (Lunch available)
Fairfield Mall or The Greene for shopping and eating
Independent Touring
1630 Return to Hope Hotel
1900 Social Hour; Hope Hotel Banquet Room (Aloha Dress)
2000 Buffet Dinner Served
2100 Guest Speaker Presentation
2200 Adjourn

548th and 67th Reconnaissance Association
Reunion 2018
Dayton, Ohio July 12-14 (date tentative)

548th and 67th Alumni

The overwhelming winner of the vote for the 2018 reunion location was Dayton Ohio/Wright-Patterson AFB, which had 31 of the 59 votes cast, second place goes to Cocoa Beach/Patrick AFB with 10 votes.  The tentative date for the reunion we are looking at is July 12-14, 2018 at the Hope Hotel and Conference Center, the same venue as our 2010 reunion.   The hotel is undergoing renovations, so it should be even better for this reunion.

If you have not done so already, we need you to send an email to forsythj223@hotmail.com with a simple Yes, Maybe, or No, if you plan on attending the reunion.  If a yes or maybe, please give the number attending, also if not staying at the hotel, let me know.   Additionally, send any comments on the proposed dates, the 2010 reunion was July 8-10 and we had pretty good weather for it.  This will give us some initial planning numbers.  

(Note:  If you are a member and didn't receive the above information in an email from us, we don't have a current email address for you, please send your current email address to the above address)

Here is a list of those who have responded thus far:
(as of 1100 HST October 26, 2016, 131 responses, many did not provide a number attending and are listed as one, send me any changes)

Yes 59 (Approx 98 Members and Guests) Maybe 45 (Approx 76 Members and Guests) Not Attending 27
Peter Ahammer (1)
Max Alexander (1)
John Anderson (1) Eric Anderson 
Steve Barr (1) Becky Archer (1) Peter Aradi 
Mark Bastian (1) Robert Ardizzoni (2) Bobby Beard
Ron Boyer 
Art Beidler (2) Robert Barfus (2) John Clevenger 
Larry Benson (2) Brad Bartter (2) David Dean 
John Bernat (2) Ildrid Bates (1) Philip Desjardins 
Chris Biskup (2) Jim Belk (1) Kevin Fraleigh 
Doc Blanchard (2) David Blakley (1) Virginia Hall
Vern Hamilton
Tim Houghton 
Herb Boasso (2) Josh Calvin (2) John Kennedy 
Cecil Brown (4) Greg Chatham (1) John Klein 
Michael Brown (1) Dan Daniels (2)
Darrel Dudley (1)
Christopher Knowles 
Terry Deininger (2) Joe Ford (2) Alton Matherne 
Maureen DeNunzio (2) Bobby Garrett (1) Mike McKee 
Pete Durnell (2) Gary Gohn (2) Ron McKinney 
Gene Ebron (2) Russ Gorrell (2) Paul Medvetz 
Fumiko Fisher-Fosdick (2) Jim Grant (1) Jim Miller 
Bill Forsyth (3) Steven Greco (2) Paul Mills 
Bob Gallagher (1) Mike Griffin (2) William Munson 
Ben Gomes (1)
John Hagen (1)
Lee Hester (2) Betty Terrill 
Charles Harding (2) Eddie Hickman (2) Jack Tubert 
William Heath (2) Frank Lindenmeier (1) Dan Waddle 
Ray Ingold (2) Harry Lindquist (2) Bill Willard 
Steve Irish (2) Les Mahoney (2) Carl Wiles
Ken Kelly (2) Cydne Marckmann (1)
Kevin Kenny (2) William Martin (2)
John Kephart (2) Roy Mattke (2)
Michael Kiser (2) Raymond Miller (1)
Dan Kolcun (2) Oscar Ogg (2)
Steve Krywany (1) Richard O'Neil (2)
Steve Martz (1) Ken Parman (2)
Gerald Matthews (1) John Pecarina (2)
Laurel Mayer (2) Richard Pignone (2)
Nicholas Mertes (1) John Schlimmer (2)
Mark Mizner (1) Ken Sharkey (1)
George Nitzenberger (1)
Lawrence Odell (1) Bruce Skinner (2)
Al Owen (2)
Steve Pagel (2)
William Snyder (2)
Jim Paine (2) Tim Tady (2)
Robin Reed (1) Gil Taylor (1)
Clinton Rogers (2) Barry Vanderpool (2)
Shaun Ryan (2) Wayne Wainright (2)
James Sertich (1) Donald Walker (2)
Alick Shirley III (1) Frank White (2)
Norman Simpson (2)
C Skelley (2)
Lynn Wilhelm (1)
Jim Spencer (2) Kevin Wooton (2)
Elton Stokes (2)
Gary Taylor (1)
Tom Thompson (2)
Rob Turner (2)
Joe Van Buren (1)
Don Waddell (2)
Joe Weller (1)
James Wells (2)
James Wilson (1)

Reunion Location Vote
It is time to vote for the location of our 2018 reunion.   We have 13 nominations, please vote for only one location by emailing me at forsythj223@hotmail.com, no second choices please.  Below are the locations in the order they were received and member justifications.  I will keep a running count, updated every few days, on this page.  Please vote by June 17th, I will send out an email with the winning location on June 18th.

Vote Count (As of 14 June 2016 0910 HST)
Martha's Vineyard, MA 2
Cape Cod/JB Cape Cod (Otis AFB), MA 2
Cocoa Beach/Patrick AFB, FL 10
Omaha/Offutt AFB, NE 2
Wright/Patterson AFB, OH 31
Seattle/JB Fort Lewis McCord, WA 4
Alanta/Smyrma/Dobbins AFB, GA 1
Ft Walton Beach/Eglin AFB, FL 2
Colorado Springs/USAF Academy, CO 2
Orlando, FL 0
San Antonio/Lackland AFB, TX 2
Hampton/JB Langley-Eustis, VA 1
Melbourne, FL 0
                                              Total Votes 59

(In order received)

1.  Martha's Vineyard
2.  Cape Cod
Once again, I would like to nominate Martha's Vineyard or Cape Cod as the site of the next reunion.  The best time of the year, not only in terms of weather and scenery but lodging expenses, is after Columbus Day when EVERYTHING becomes significantly cheaper.  Cape Cod is home to Joint Base Cape Cod (formerly Otis Air Force Base and Camp Edwards).  And Otis is the base from which the fighter jets took off to chase down the two commercial jets which had taken off from Logan headed for the Twin Towers on 9/11.  Virtually all types of aircraft have, and do, fly in and I'm sure that between the Cape's commercial facilities and the military facilities the Cape could accommodate any event.  You have day trips by ferry to Martha's Vineyard and/or Nantucket and there are golf courses and tennis courts galore.  And then there are the whale watching cruises.  Sincerely, Chris Knowles, former SSGT, 480th RTG & 548TH RTG, 1970 - 1974

3.  Patrick AFB, Fl  Ben Oakes added:  There is a lot of stuff that can entertain.  Cape Canaveral, Mini Casino Cruz ship (5 hours), Orlando (50miles), Cocoa Beach,.  Robin Reed's 1st choice:  Cocoa Beach, FL (Patrick AFB) spring or fall; for the AFB & ocean
4.  Offutt AFB, Ne (Springtime Only)  Robin Reed's 3rd choice, spring or fall;  for the AFB and central location for traveling.    
5.  Wright-Patt AFB, Oh  in that order Mike Kiser.  Larry Benson:  Propose Dayton, OH/Wright-Patterson AFB, location of our first 548th reunion in 2010 and site of the 67th reunion in 2006, for the 548th/67th gathering in 2018. Rationale includes:
- Overall ease of travel to a fairly central location, whether by land or air; significantly more economical than many larger venues. 
- Unparalleled availability of USAF services due to proximity of quarters options to base.
- Hope Hotel has undergone renovation and is located on base property (outside fence so security/access not an issue). Rates within military per diem; hospitality, meeting and banquet facilities on premises along with full service restaurant and bar providing 0600 breakfast through late services until 2300.
- National Museum of USAF has grown considerably since 2010. Fourth hangar opens 10 June housing all R&D, Presidential and Cold War aircraft previously located in old hangar locations on base with many open for walk-through touring. Missile and Space, including NASA shuttle, exhibits are now in place. Space exhibits include vehicles from several of the NRO programs we previously worked with under maximum security guidelines. New theater, upgraded from former IMAX, shows multiple 3D movies. Multiple simulators now installed for those into interactive pursuits. Possible venue for banquet depending upon cost considerations; catering provided by W-P club. Guided tours available with advanced planning to include an intelligence focused itinerary lead by NASIC historian.
- 18 and 9 hole golf courses available as a free time option.
- National Air and Space Intelligence Center available to provide ISR topics in support of program if desired (providing we give sufficient advance notice). Plethora of speaker options for banquet available in local area.
- Local attraction options include Hollywood Casino and Race Track (harness racing), Carillon Park which features great exhibits and dioramas beginning with settler life and progressing to the evolution of 20th Century technology applicable to numerous developments now accepted as standard to our lifestyles. Carillon is also an option for a dining event as catering is available.
- Free Thai meal as in 2010 except this time there is a food truck available to cater at any prearranged location.
- Too much shopping (any price range and interest) with 10-15 minutes. 
- Several association members live in proximity and are willing and able (hopefully) to work arrangements on scene versus long distance; Greene County Visitors Bureau offers support and scheduling assistance.  Cecil Brown added:  Based the 2014 recommendation (very lengthy, at end of the other recommendations) from Col Schatzley (for our 2016 Reunion) and the fact that Larry Benson and I spearheaded two such functions in the past and have maintained our contact source list, I would suggest we host the next reunion at WPAFB.  I would be willing to do the ground work along with Larry.  Warm Regards--Cecil Brown    Bill Forsyth adds:  In Sept 2014 Col (ret) Larry Benson sent me an email concerning a 2nd reunion at WPAFB saying  " have a new idea. Whenever we can find the wherewithal, there is a grand opportunity for a memorial in the garden of the AF Museum.   I am going to investigate the cost and rules."  The memorial would be similar to the one we dedicated during the 2012 reunion at Hickam. In 2006 I attended the dedication of a Forward Air Controller Memorial at the park and was very impressed by the park. 
6.  Seattle, WA  I nominate Seattle for the next reunion. Ft Lewis/MChord AFB is 45 miles south of Seattle and on American Lake which has a nice banquet facility that could be catered. Boeing's Museum of Flight is simply awesome (museumofflight.org), public transportation to and around Seattle by light rail  from SeaTac Intl Apt is fast and cheap, there are Navy sub bases on Puget Sound where we might arrange tours, and tours of Seattle Center (Space Needle), Seattle fish market (pikeplacefish.com), harbor and lake tours, etc. are all wonderful activities that will encourage attendees to spend additional time in the area. The best time to go would be May when the weather improves but before the summer tourist season begins.   As an aside, Ft. Lewis has an outdoor paintball facility that can be reserved by groups. I've always wanted to try that! There is camping available at both Ft. Lewis and MChord.  The downside is the distance from MChord to Seattle. Traffic is always heavy, so public or chartered transportation would be desirable.   Steve Irish

7.  Atlanta/Smyrna, Ga: home to Dobbins ARB, on which is also home to a Naval aviation unit, and all sorts of things to see and do!!
8.  Ft. Walton Beach, Fl:  home to Eglin AFB, close to Pensacola and many sugar white beaches, and great food!!      Regards, Bobby J. Garrett, former SSGT 548th RTG, Hickam AFB, Hawaii,, Art Beidler's second nomination choice (2) Ft Walton Beach, Fl

9.  Colorado Springs would be a great place.     Russ Gorrell

10.  Orlando, Disney world.   60 miles west from Cape Canaveral.  James Wilson

11.  San Antonio.  I believe it would be a good place because that is where we all began our Air Force commitments. Well for those of us who were enlisted Air Force that is. There is plenty to see and do there. There is the River walk, the Alamo, Six Flags Fiesta, and about a half hour drive they is Gruene Tx where they have great country music at Gruene Hall. Also there is a nice river in New Braunsfel, Tx to go tubing during the summer. Just an idea I had.  Darrell Dudley

12.  Hampton, VA (Langley AFB) spring or fall; for the AFB and proximity to where members live. Robin Reed's 2nd choice.

13.  Melbourne FL Art Beidler's 1st nomination choice.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  Additional Recommendation for WPAFB:     
Col Schatzley Nomination 2014: 
"Our last reunion at the AF Museum was June 2010, ergo some of our members and guests are hands on familiar with the Museum and other Dayton tourist attractions. For a quick update of both go on line: “Air Force Museum” will suffice; for 29 area attractions: “Fun in the Dayton Area.’  
Since 2010 several significant new displays have been added to the AF Museum collection; three are especially apropos the 548th mission: Two Gambit  (KH 8) and one Hexagon (KH 9) photo satellites. Also new are the NASA Space Shuttle trainer and a WW I display. A fourth building will be opened in 2016.
The Gambit and Hexagon are among the last photo satellites and have been displaced by digital systems somewhat technically similar to but magnitudes greater capability than a combination of personal cell phones, internet and desktop computers.
At the AF Museum we can profitably address both technologies within unclassified guidelines. The Dayton area is replete with pertinent personal experience; some have made tentative commitments to speak, e.g., a retired general officer who flew RB 57F overflights in Asia; a recently retired senior civilian who dealt extensively with Israeli AF and has contacts with expertise in digital processing; recent declassifications now permit me to discuss more fully my experiences beginning with PI of the early overflights from Yokota in 1949 -51 to varied recon/intelligence staff and command assignments to retirement in1972. A close personal friend who does professional quality video recording has agreed to record presentations.
Barring tightened security I believe an unclassified tour of NASIC can be arranged.
I have no knowledge of the 548th ISRG at Beale, but strongly believe they should be invited to attend and provide an unclassified Missions and
Products briefing. Failing that, perhaps a DVD including a virtual tour of the facility could be provided.
I have barely touched the resources available to us; there is more than enough to obviate the need for golf or outside tours to fill the time, although they can be arranged.
Bill, please be assured I do not, repeat not, seek any leader ship role, perhaps catalyst is a good term. At my age and physical condition (my Doc says great--for your age) I do not have the energy or the time to do more than assist. I am pushing for the AF Museum in 2016 because we are in a great transition—a time warp?—between lens-film photography and the lens-digital technology that need to be bridged if the 548th heritage is to survive. The Museum straddles both technologies, is centrally located, accessible with relatively inexpensive hotels. I have discussed this briefly with Larry Benson and copied this to him. He should be the local project person. I will gladly follow his lead. I have merely glossed over key points because I want to give you some “heads-up” re my reasoning--subject to discussion--not cut in stone to get this nomination in before deadline.  Warm regards, Lee Schatzley 2 nov14

OBE Information

548th and 67th Reconnaissance Association Reunion

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 28-30, 2016

March 22, 2016 Update

Here is the spreadsheet  Reunion_Cost_Spreadsheet7.xls
32.0 KB for calculating the cost of the reunion, with payment instructions at the bottom, as well as a list of those currently attending the reunion and riding the bus.  Please fill out the form, save it to your computer, then email it back to me at forsythj223@hotmail.com by March 14th, 45 days before the reunion, the date we must to give the hotel the approximate numbers.  You don't have to pay at this time, although early payment will be appreciated.    You can register for the reunion, or cancel your attendance up to April 24th, when you sign up, please fill out both the registration form on the website, and this cost spreadsheet.

We are confirmed for the Friday tour of the Threat Museum and Thunderbirds at Nellis, as well as Lunch at the club, for those who want to eat there.  I got word from our Creech member contact that the Wing Commander did not approve out tour, will work on an alternate tour at Nellis or a tour of the National Atomic Test Museum,  with a stop at the hotel before for those who do not want to go there.  We are also still working on the Guest Speaker for Saturday night, again, I hope to have word soon.

The bus now has lots of room for the tour after several members cancelled.   A list of those riding the bus and attending the reunion is on the Reunion Cost Spreadsheet, above.

We have an executive suite and are cleared to use it as a hospitality suite, I will try and have it open Thursday afternoon, just keep the noise down please, they will give you the room number for the suite when you check-in.

Key Dates:

March 14th:  Numbers from Cost Spreadsheet due at the hotel.

March 21:  Last day to make payment by check so it can be deposited in Hawaii by March 28th

March 28th:  Last day for a room reservation at the Orleans Hotel and Casino using our block of rooms, see the Reunion Information page on 548rtg.org for instructions on making reservation.  Reservations after this date are at the regular room rate and availability.

March 28th:  Last day to pay via Paypal.   Payment in full ($7,300) is required by the hotel catering 30 days (March 29th) prior to the reunion, we do not have that kind of money in our association account so I need to have it deposited by then.  

April 24th:  Last day to sign up for the reunion, payment due at the same time via Paypal .  Final payment from the association account is due 72 hours before the reunion, if you cancel your attendance at the reunion before the 72 hours (April 24), we will give you a full refund,.  The hotel requires 48 hours for room cancellation for a full refund. 

April 28th:  Reunion Starts.

If you have some extenuating circumstances where you can not make the payment dates, let me know and we will work with you.

You may call into The Orleans Hotel Reservations at 800-675-3267 or go on-line to www.OrleansCasino.com/groups and use group code: A654C04.  To avoid long hold times they encourage making your reservations on-line.   Reservations must be made on or before Monday, March 28, 2016 to ensure availability and group rate.    You will be billed one night, plus tax and other charge,s at the time of booking, you can cancel up to 48 hours before your scheduled check in, if within 48 hours or a no show, you will be billed for one night.  The last day to make reservations at the group rate is March 28th.



Reunion Update March 9, 2016
As of today, we have 68 members who say they are attending the reunion and another 35 who might attend, a list of those attending  is below.  We still do not have a firm price per person for the reunion, I am awaiting information from our reunion planners in Las Vegas, but it appears it will be more than initially thought, probably $121 per person, plus $14 per person for lunch at the Nellis AFB Club for those going on the tours Friday.  We are confirmed for the Threat Museum ("Petting Zoo") and Thunder Bird tours at Nellis on Friday, still awaiting word on the Creech AFB and RPA portion.

 I had to check for one member who got a NO ROOMS AVAILABLE response from the hotels reservation website, he was making a reservation starting on Wednesday, the 27th, and I found there are NO ROOMS at the GROUP RATE left for Wednesday per the count the hotel sent me last Wednesday, if you want to stay the extra day, you probably have to call the reservation desk, they do offer call back, and make a reservation at the regular rate ($50 plus taxes), or make a separate reservation online for that night.  There are still two rooms available for Sunday night, if you get an error with that day, someone beat you to them.  If you have any problems with the reservation, let me know.

You may call into The Orleans Hotel Reservations at 800-675-3267 or go on-line to www.OrleansCasino.com/groups and use group code: A654C04.  To avoid long hold times they encourage making your reservations on-line.   Reservations must be made on or before Monday, March 28, 2016 to ensure availability and group rate.    You will be billed one night, plus tax and other charge,s at the time of booking, you can cancel up to 48 hours before your scheduled check in, if within 48 hours or a no show, you will be billed for one night.  The last day to make reservations at the group rate is March 28th.

548th Reconnaissance Technical Group Reunion Information Page

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548th & 67th Reconnaissance Association - A654C04
April 27 - May 3, 2016
Date Day Block Pickup Rooms Still Held
4/27/2016 Wednesday 11 11 0
4/28/2016 Thursday 50 28 22
4/29/2016 Friday 50