548th and 67th Reconnaissance Association

548th Sports

Finishers in the 1983 Honolulu Marathon (Photo courtesy of Jim Buchan)

Recce Tennis Team (Photo courtesy of Nate Copeland)
Intramural softtball 1977, Howard Melching at bat.  (photo courtesy of Howard Melching)
548th Runners 1982 (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

548th RTG "Old Farts" 1982 (Photo courtesy of Jim Grant)

1987 Fastpitch Champs (Photo courtesy of Tony Jackson)

548th Golf in photo Andy Hayes, TJ Jackson, Steven Clark (Photo courtesy of Tony Jackson)
Back row: Jeff Seahase, (unk bald guy w/glasses - Paul Reckoff?), Roger DeSantis 
Front Row: Andy Hayes, Steve Clark, Tony Jackson (crouched), Bob Keller (FICPAC), Todd Holloway, C. Skelley (I don't remember being that young). (Additional names courtesy of C. Skelly)

Col Orr coaching 1st base W/Col Smuck at 1st base in an officer vs NCO softball game in 1977/78. That's Joe Weller playing first base, we beat them easily! (Photo courtesy of Joe Weller)

Joe Weller at bat on 1977 fast pitch softball team. (Photo courtesy of Joe Weller)

Avid sailor and regatta organizer Frank Highsmith awards first prize (a single Chart House polo shirt) to the winning team of the first -- and last -- annual 548th RTG sailing regatta. The team consisted of 548th members Allen Marsh, Ashiya Williams, Joe Pashen, and civilian Pam Nevitt, who had to leave immediately after the race and thus missed the awards ceremony. Our team won primarily due to the efforts of Ms. Nevitt, who correctly read the course chart. We were the only team who did not capsize or go the wrong direction.  According to the Hawaiian Falcoln article, the other winners of the regatta were Al Sadowski and Mary Nilges in the Holder fleet, Kevin Wooton and his wife Elizabeth in the Rhodes 19 fleet, Roger Creedon in the cruising class Cal 20s, and Allen Marsh's team won in the race Cal 20s. The date was 30 May 1991. The course was America's Cup format, with amended course for Holder 14s. (Photo courtesy of Allen Marsh)

548th RTG Women's Softball Team 1986, in photo Papo Cruz, Shelly Janssen, Kristine Goetz, Chris Ondich (Photo courtesy of Kristine Goetz, 548th RTG Facebook page)

Walter Wood Golfing (Photo courtesy of Ben Oakes, 548th RTG Facebook)
Men's Softball, Top L-R Jim Johnson, Walter Wood, Bottom L-R Rich LaRoche, Ben Oakes (Photos provided by Ben Oakes, 548th Facebook)

Tom Archer and 1987 Hickam Softball Championship  (Photos courtesy of Jim Sertich Facebook page)

Carol Kai Bed Race, Tom Archer, Mark DeNunzio, Frank Highsmith  (Photo courtesy of Kristine Goetz, 548th RTG Facebook page) 

1986 (?) Not sure if this was the year with the football referee quote of all time which went something like..." You and any other 10 people wearing Recce uniforms - you're out of here! " lol

In this photo: Ben H. Oakes, Fred Wiles, Ben Gomes, Gaylen Hinshaw, Sean Joseph, Joe Remini, James Rees, Maark Ferrel, James Johnson, Terry Deininger (Photo courtesy of Terry Deininger's Facebook page)

RTG Softball Team, Terry at Bat (Photo courtesy of Terry Deininger's Facebook page)
548th finishers in the 1982 Honolulu Marathon (Photo Courtesy of Garnett Howard)
L-R Ed Snyder, Buddy Hall, Mark Mizner, Wilhelm (CATIS), Roy McMacken, Wilhelm (Photo lab), Garnett Howard, Becky (Photo lab), Jim Grant, ?? (Maj O'Neal's wife), ??, Graig Sweet, 1st Sgt (Williams??), ?? Nitch Campos. (Photo courtesy of Garnett Howard)

548th participants in the AFSA 24-Hour Run
Back:  Wilhelm?, Chief Haga, Garnett Howard, Craig Sweet, Rinderknecht
Middle:  Bobby Greathouse
Front:  Nitch Compos, Scohera, "Spider", Wilhelm (Photo courtesy of Garnett Howard)

548th RTG Deputy Commander LtCol Jim Grant running with the 548th team on the Oahu Perimeter Run (Photo courtesy of Garnett Howard)

Chief Bobby Greathouse and Major Garnett Howard running the Oahu Perimeter Run (Photo courtesy of Garnett Howard)

Chief Haga on the dirt road around Kaena Point during the Oahu Perimeter Run (Photo courtesy of Garnett Howard)

Chip Lane, TJ Jackson, Rocky Walters, ???? (Photo courtesy of TJ Jackson)  
Coed softball game. TJ Jackson coaching 3rd, Perry ? running to 3rd, in the background Chip Lane coaching 1st (Photo courtesy of TJ Jackson)



1986 548th championship football team.  Col Benson front row in red (Photo courtesy of Ben Oakes)
In this photo:  Walter Finney Wood, James C. Johnson, Terry Deininger, Randall P. Sharape, Ben H. Oakes, James Rees, Mike Gross, Doug Arnold (Names courtesy of Terry Deininger) 

Col Benson checking out trophy, Rocky Walters and TJ Jackson (photo courtesy of TJ Jackson)

548th Reconnaissance Technical Group Sports

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